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BONECO S200 | Warm Mist Steam Humidifier

BONECO S200 Steam Humidifier
S200 Steam Humidifier by Boneco
S200 Steam Humidifier by BONECO
Inside the S200 Steam Humidifier
Use your favorite Essential Oils in the S200 Steam Humidifier
Steam Humidifiers add moisture to any room with soothing warm mist.

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The S200 Warm Mist Steam Humidifier gets down to business with easy to use controls.

1.8 gallon per day output in areas up to 430 sq. ft. Warm mist steam humidifiers are the most hygienic way of air humidification.

Steam humidifiers are the most hygienic way to humidify your air because heating water to 212°F ensures a bacteria-free and mineral-free result. The BONECO S200 steam humidifier works by heating water to the boiling point. A hand-warm, child-proof steam is delivered to your room providing a pleasant stream of warm, humidified air. An Anti-Mineral pad decreases calcification in the vaporizer basin and makes it easy to clean.

Steam humidification has been around for a long time and is a very effective way of quickly humidifying indoor living space. The S200 provides safe and effective steam humidification with ClearMist technology. The ClearMist can be seen but more importantly, it can be felt. Unlike traditional steam humidifiers, ClearMist is comfortably warm to the touch - not hot. The S200 steam humidifier is safe for all areas in your home, including areas where children and pets and are present.

Features of the BONECO S200 Warm Mist Digital Steam Humidifier

  • No white dust due to the Anti-Mineral pads!
  • Analog display and simple operation using the control knob.
  • Helpful reminder indicator when the water tank needs to be refilled
  • Cleaning mode ensures simple & easy cleaning
  • Low center gravity for stable placement on floor
  • Includes 2 anti-mineral pads & 1 pack of EZCal cleaner

Specifications of the S200 Steam Humidifier

Electrical 120V | 60Hz
Power Consumption 145 - 285W
Humidity Output Up to 1.8 gallons every 24 hours
Coverage Up to 430 Sq. Ft.
S-200 Dimensions 11.03" H x 12.44" D x 6.77" W
Weight (empty) 5.5 lbs.
Noise Level <35 dB(A)
Accessories Included Anti-Mineral Pad / EZCal Cleaner & Descaler Single-Pack

BONECO S-200 Steam Humidifier Video