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AOS-2541 | Replacement Evaporator Cartridge (2-pack) for AOS-2071

AOS-2541 - Replacement set of Evaporator Cartridges for the Air-O-Swiss 2071 Air Purifier

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Evaporator Cartridge for Air-O-Swiss 2071 Air Purifier

The AOS-2541 Replacement Evaporator Cartridge (2-pack) for AOS-2071, draws the water up through the unit to humidify the air. 

Tip - To extend the life of each cartridge, simply flip the part so the opposite end is submerged. Do not rotate the same cartridge more than once. If the unit is adding less moisture to the air than usual, it's probably time to change the filter.

Replace this filter every 2 - 3 months. Hard water usage may require more frequent cartridge change.