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A401 | Replacement Allergy Filter for Boneco P400 Air Purifier

A-401 Replacement Allergy Filter for the Boneco P400 Air Purifier
A401 Allergy Filter for Boneco P400 Air Purifiers

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Replacement Allergy Filter for P400 Air Purifier

The allergy filter removes small particles including pollen, mites, fine dusts and other particles found in every living environment. 

Features of the A401 Allergy Filter

  • Captures over 99% of allergens on the surface of the filter
  • Decreases the susceptibility to allergies of your family
  • Exclusive Filter Design - Pre-Filter + Allergy Filter | HEPA Filter | Active Carbon Filter
  • Reduces dust, pollen, hair, allergens, microorganisms, mites, bacteria, germs, insecticide, harmful gases, unpleasant odors
  • For use in Boneco P400 Air Purifier
Filter should be changed once per year.