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Restful Nights® Down Alternative Fiber Bed

Restful Nights® Down Alternative Fiber Bed
Restful Nights® Down Alternative Fiber Bed - Available in 4 Sizes

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Provide an extra layer of cushioning support for true sleeping comfort

A luxurious down alternative fiber bed enhances your mattresses with a pillow-top mattress-like cradling comfort.

  • Twin Size Fiber Bed - 41" x 77" - 80 oz. of fill (5 pounds)
  • Full Size Fiber Bed - 56" x 77" - 96 oz. of fill (6 pounds)
  • Queen Size Fiber Bed - 62" x 82" - 112 oz. of fill (7 pounds)
  • King Size Fiber Bed - 78" x 82" - 144 oz. of fill (9 pounds)

Framed mock baffle box design provides whole body support while relieving pressure points for a deeper night's sleep.  Super strong Durafill® fibers allow for enhanced support, while its 230 thread count, 100% cotton shell provides softness and durability. Beautiful, framed mock baffle box design eliminates fill shift.

  • 230 thread count, 100% cotton fabric
  • Mock Baffle Box design prevents fibers from shifting
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Professionally launder or dry clean
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
Durafill FiberDurafill® - A mechanically crimped Restful Nights® synthetic fiber. Crimping adds bends or waves into the fibers (vs. straight fibers). It also increases the spring and loft of the fiber. Mechanical crimping uses pressure and heat to form a two-dimensional zigzag (saw tooth) pattern in the fiber.
Thread Count - The actual number of threads in one square inch of cloth. Higher thread count fabrics are woven with finer yarns, softer, more luxurious, more durable, more breathable, and contain the tightest weave to prevent leaking. They are also the lightest and therefore maximize the fills ability to loft. A minimum of 230 thread count is necessary to be considered a truly leakproof fabric that prevents fibers from escaping.